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Founded in 2007, Zscaler's mission is to make the cloud a safe place to do business and provide enterprise users with a more enjoyable experience. Zscaler has built a security platform that puts a company's defenses and controls right where everything connects—the Internet of nowhere. No matter how or where users connect, or where their applications and workloads are located, every connection is guaranteed to be fast and secure.

Zscaler Solutions

Zero Trust Exchange.png

Zero Trust Exchange

Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is a cloud-native network security platform that provides fast, secure connections and allows employees to use the Internet as a corporate network for work anywhere. Based on the zero trust principle of least access, the Zero Trust Exchange leverages context-based identity and principle enforcement technology to provide comprehensive security.


Zscaler Internet Access 
internet access

ZIA is a cloud-native Secure Service Edge (SSE) solution built on a decade of leadership in secure network gateways. As the world's largest scalable SaaS information security cloud platform, it replaces traditional network security solutions and prevents advanced attacks and data loss through a comprehensive zero-trust approach.


Zscaler Private Access
​private access

ZPA applies the principle of least privilege to provide users with secure and direct connections to private applications while eliminating unauthorized access and lateral movement. ZPA can be deployed in hours, replacing traditional VPNs and remote access tools.


Digital Experience

ZDX provides end-to-end visibility, end-user experience troubleshooting for any user or application, a unified agent for cloud security, zero-trust application access digital experience monitoring. The setup process is smooth and fast, with no need to deploy new hardware, software proxies, or network probes.

Zscaler Deception.png


Developed for a zero-trust architecture, the world's only deception-based threat detection solution. Zscaler Deception uses advanced decoys and traps to detect and disrupt highly sophisticated threats that consistently bypass traditional defenses, including organized ransomware operators, supply chain attacks, and APTs.

Zscaler Cloud Protection.png

Zscaler Cloud

Eliminate the operational complexity and headaches of cloud workload security, extending comprehensive protection to your public cloud assets. Leverage intelligence and automation to enable Zscaler's innovative zero-trust architecture for enterprises: network traffic protection across cloud and data center environments, protection against lateral movement threats within VPC/VNet, secure workload configuration and permissions.

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