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We will accompany you,
on the road to the digital transformation.

​About Odin

In the past few years, "digital transformation" has been regarded as an essential process for business success and sustainable development.  

A variety of emerging technologies and services are facing a significant transformation.

Enterprises are using cloud services for collaboration, and the "hybrid work" model has gradually become a common application scenario for digital transformation.

But when going to the cloud, the organization's information security protection is bound to be upgraded!

Odin's mission is to help companies face the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy.

Through "digital transformation", we will create new competitive advantages for enterprises and jointly build a high-quality service experience.

Our vision: "Become an important driver in the digital transformation journey of enterprises!"

Founded in 2020, Odin mainly represents world-leading cloud storage and information security solutions. Provide various value-added services for Taiwanese semiconductor, technology manufacturing, medical, distribution, and other industrial customers.


Odin is the main agent of world-class leading brands and continues to work with internationally well-known brands such as Citrix, Oracle, Zscaler, Okta, Saviynt, Acronis, and other major manufacturers to assist enterprises on the road of digital transformation, from cloud deployment to information security protection.


In 2022, Odin Information announced to become the distributor partnerships of Citrix and Okta.

 And was also selected as "Exclusive Distributor in Taiwan" by Saviynt, the industry-leading provider of Identity Governance and Administration.

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​Network Architecture




Odin has a professional team of business and technical consultants, according to the current trend of hybrid working offices, we can provide diversified solutions to meet the needs of digital transformation.

Creating the best work experience for the organization; it can also take into account information security protection, and at the same time respond to the needs of different industries and organizations,

Customized to provide a variety of consulting services:

Unify online and offline data, to accelerate the speed of digital transformation!

Bring your talent and motivation to Odin,
join us now!

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