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Odin Info is a solution provider specializing in cloud, information security, and AI. It mainly represents world-class leading brands and continues to cooperate with big international names such as Oracle, Citrix, Security Acronis, Zscaler, Okta, Saviynt, and other major manufacturers that have joined hands to assist in the digital transformation of enterprises, from cloud deployment to information security protection.

​Odin Consulting Services

Odin Information's professional consultant team can provide diversified solutions to meet the needs of digital transformation and create the best work experience for the organization in response to the current remote office and hybrid office trends; it can also take into account information security protection while responding to different Customized provide various consulting services as required by industries and different organizations: unify online data with existing data, and accelerate the layout of warehousing and the last mile.


One-stop shop for dedicated IaaS/PaaS cloud services

From the beginning of architecture design to maintenance support, Odin can assist enterprises to migrate infrastructure to IaaS / PaaS solutions, thereby reducing the maintenance of the organization's deployment data center, and also saving unnecessary hardware costs.

Pre-assessment / Architecture Design / Scale Assessment / Deployment & Migration / Offsite Backup / 24/7 Maintenance Support



Migration as a Service (MaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

With the backup solution, the funding risk and management cost can be reduced, and the sustainable operation goal of uninterrupted enterprise operation can be provided.

Can run on any virtual machine monitor (Hypervisor) / apply to any cloud environment / for any workload


 Operation and Digitization Workspace 

Digital transformation is not only a change in business operations and processes but also in the way of collaboration and communication in the workplace. By integrating applications and enterprise mobility management, organization members can deliver and manage any application on any device.  

Remote Office & Hybrid Office / Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) / Security


Zero Trust Security

It implements single sign-on for access control, and simplifies the user's login process. Combined with MFA, it can reduce the risk of intrusion and protect the most vulnerable password link in the security protection chain.

  • Identity and Access Management / Single Sign On (SSO) / Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) / Universal Directory Service (Universal Directory)

  • Identity and Governance Management / Segregation of Powers (SoD) / Auditing & Compliance

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) / Secure Service Front End (SSE)

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