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Dell EMC is a provider of data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics and cloud computing solutions. It provides enterprise storage systems and software deployed in storage area network, network-attached storage, object storage, and direct-attached storage environments, enabling users to store, manage, protect and analyze data. Dell EMC is a brand of Dell Technologies.

Dell EMC Solutions



The Future-Proof Program is designed to help customers optimize the IT lifecycle of their Storage, Data Protection, HCI, & Networking products through a series of guarantees, offers, and assurances.



服務器是現代 IT 基礎架構中最重要的組件,也是企業競爭優勢的主要來源 ,當現代基礎架構準備處理由 IT 轉換和數位轉換任務組成的多種工作負荷時,它(現代基礎架構)必須可靠地管理各種傳統和新興工作負荷。擁有正確的伺服器堆疊可以為企業提供競爭優勢,Dell 的 PowerEdge伺服器可以滿足客戶需求。


Dell EMC
Storage solutions

With the sharp increase in the amount of global digital data, coupled with the maturity and popularization of technologies such as AI and big data, many companies are vigorously promoting various smart projects, hoping to release data value and intelligence and cloud through processes such as data collection and big data analysis. integrated. With advanced data deduplication from Dell EMC storage that can deliver all workloads from core to edge to hyperacceleration, while reducing application uninterrupted service, Dell EMC storage solutions can complete all critical tasks in one go.

Dell EMC 
​Data Protection Solution

Using technologies from replication to snapshot, backup and disaster recovery, Data Protection Suite delivers protection based on the value of the data and service levels that align to business objectives. 

Dell EMC 
Infrastructure Solution

Free yourself from the complexity and costs of a traditional IT data centre with a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) from Dell Technologies HCI offers computing, storage, network and data protection solutions in a single, completely integrated system. This not only reduces the amount of admin, but also enables much higher data availability than a traditional IT environment. Take your IT infrastructure to the next level.

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