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Okta is a secure identity cloud that links all your apps, logins and devices into a unified digital fabric. With Okta, you’re up and running on day one, with every app and program you use to work, instantly available. Whether you’re at your desktop or on the go, Okta seamlessly connects you to everything you need.

Okta Solutions

Workforce Identity Cloud

Providing your employees with easy, secure access allows your team to focus on other priorities. Whether it's an employee, contractor or third-party partner, Okta protects every step of the identity lifecycle, from governance and access to privilege control and more.


Customer Identity Cloud

Customer identity is no longer just a login window, but every click is guaranteed to be safe and secure, and can even increase revenue and customer return rates for the company. Okta empowers application developers, digital transformation leaders and security teams to accelerate time to market and grow your enterprise's client-facing business.

Okta Solutions


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Okta's Single Sign-On solution quickly connects to and synchronizes with any number of identity stores, including AD, LDAP, HR systems and other third-party identity providers.


Adaptive MFA

A multi-factor authentication solution protects your accounts and applications, allowing the "right" identities to get in and the "wrong" identities out, protecting all resources, including applications with the most sensitive data, whether customer-facing or the enterprise side.

Universal Directory.png

Universal Directory

With a common directory, there is a centralized place to manage all end users. ​You can store an unlimited number of users, including atypical users like contractors, temps, etc. Store an unlimited number of custom attributes, credentials and application assignments, and even store device information.

Lifecycle Management.png


Through automation and configuration integration, you can seamlessly authorize the right applications to the right users, and further revoke access based on triggers from HR systems, IT resources such as AD and LDAP, and more.

API Access Mgt.png

Access Management

Okta provides the API Access Management administrator role to manage authorization servers. APIs are the backbone of modern application development. They allow developers to leverage existing data and functionality to move faster. They allow partners to remix data to build more powerful systems easier than ever before. They allow customers to reuse expensive or complex functionality to make their own software better. To protect this data and these systems and ensure a consistent security posture across their infrastructure, Okta customers are using API Access Management as a key piece of their API strategy.

Advanced Server Access.png

Server Access

Okta Advanced Server Access provides Zero Trust identity and access management for cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Using Okta as its source of truth, Advanced Server Access reconciles accounts to manage SSH and RDP access to Linux and Windows servers.

Advanced Server Access extends secure privileged access to users, automates lifecycle management for server accounts, and eliminates the need for credential management.

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