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Okta and Google Workspace are Improving Enterprise Security

文章來源 / Okta Official Blog

Millions of organizations — from innovative startups to leading multinational corporations and public sector organizations — are moving to Google Workspace to connect and collaborate in the new reality of hybrid work.

Today, we're joining forces with Google Cloud (link to news release) to help bring the importance of security around critical applications like Google Workspace to life. That means we're making it easier for organizations that use Google Workspace to add an essential security layer, Identity, to their journey.

The perimeter is no longer at the network's edge in a world where hybrid cloud, best-of-breed technology, and hybrid work are the norm. Identity is now considered an essential line of defense. That’s why security-conscious businesses are embracing an Identity-centric security model.

Okta and Google Workspace deliver delightful productivity and collaboration experiences combined with Identity-led security and governance. Our partnership lets you securely manage and protect employees’ identities across all applications and devices. With Okta’s Workforce Identity Cloud, workers can use a single set of user credentials to quickly access Google Workspace and virtually any other app and resource.

Together, Okta and Google Workplace allow you to:

  • Simplify access to apps: Use your centralized credentials to access 7,000+ apps in the Okta Integration Network, including Google Workspace. Okta's SSO solution enables users to easily and quickly gain access from any device and across all their applications.

  • Centralize Identity management: Okta Universal Directory orchestrates identity attributes across your vast application landscape and synchronizes Identity across any source of truth, offering a consolidated view for admins to organize and manage users, groups, and devices. Okta can integrate/collaborate with legacy home-grown directories and support multiple Active Directory domains and forests to get your identities into Google Workspace—without exhaustive directory cleanup and firewall changes.

  • Streamline collaboration: Okta’s Identity management capabilities and Google Workspace's productivity and collaboration tools offer a powerful solution for remote teams to collaborate seamlessly and securely, regardless of location.

  • Spend time on what matters: Okta simplifies, streamlines, and automates Identity management, so your teams can be more productive and focus on value-creation projects. Okta Workflows makes automating Identity processes at scale easy, enabling anyone to innovate without writing code.

  • Embrace phishing-resistant, passwordless protection: Enhance security with advanced Identity management capabilities. Okta FastPass offers phishing-resistant adaptive MFA and frictionless passwordless authentication leveraging users’ device biometrics — unlocking endless productivity. It leverages many phishing-resistant access policies and authenticators that comply with industry standards such as NIST and FIDO2.

We are excited about the possibilities this partnership unlocks and look forward to the benefits it will bring to organizations worldwide.


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