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against ransomware threats,
It starts with authentication!

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At the moment when enterprises are fighting the epidemic, ransomware cannot be ignored either!


The threat of ransomware has grown exponentially in the last year, and according to the latest data from the Identity Defined Security Alliance*, almost 94% of data breaches in recent years have been caused by insufficient authentication of users by organizations.

In addition, according to Sophos' 2021 Ransomware Report, the average cost of repairing ransomware attacks is as high as $1.85 million!

Ransomware, while not new, is so effective and lucrative that attackers keep making threats. At the same time, ransomware organizations have become "industrialized", allowing ransomware-as-a-service to open up markets for "intelligent people" with insufficient technical skills, and promote professional division of labor among criminal groups.


The main methods that enable ransomware attacks to succeed include email-based phishing, password abuse, unprotected remote desktop services, and software vulnerabilities; once the attack is successfully established, attackers can impose Pressure to pay the ransom faster!

The first strategy to defend against ransomware: a solid zero-trust authentication scheme


​ let the right person


​ have the right permissions


​use the right resource


in the right space-time background


​maintain ongoing supervision

Although there is no panacea to solve the problem of ransomware attacks, good network hygiene and an identity-first information security strategy can prevent problems early. Good network hygiene includes patching, backups, network segmentation, and multi-factor authentication.

Well-informed proactive defenses always trump reactive responses when it comes to preventing ransomware attacks.

With these two eBooks, you can learn more about how to use effective strategic approaches and techniques to protect your organization's network from the biggest security threats of our time.

  1. Checklist for Preventing Ransomware Attacks

  2. Five Things IT Leaders Must Know to Fight Ransomware Trends

Reasons for the sudden surge in ransomware attacks
Identity-centric zero-trust security strategy,
Why does it provide the best defense?
20220504_Ebook Mockup.png
Insights into the current ransomware threat landscape
Faced with eliminating ransomware risks,
Key strategies IT can take
Why Identity-First Security is the Fastest Way to Zero Trust
How to, in 3 easy steps,
Achieving identity-centric zero-trust security?

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