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Lifecycle Management

Manage provisioning like a pro with automation.


  • 30min – Saved on every application provisioning request

  • 30min – Saved on determining and configuring groups and entitlements

  • $20  – per user saved in preparing for audits each year


Enhance productivity and reduce costs

Your IT team doesn’t have time to manually onboard and offboard users. Your employees don’t have time to wait to get access to the apps they need to work.

No button pushing, no waiting

Automate access from creation to deletion. Get your employees up and running fast with the resources they need, and free up time for your IT team to work on bigger projects.

Quick and secure deprovisioning

Automated access management doesn’t just save you time—it also saves you money. Quicker deprovisioning means you’ll recuperate software licenses and save on costs. And don’t even get us started on the money you’ll save by not getting hacked through a still-active account.


Simplify user permissions for the extended enterprise

Modern organizations don’t just rely on employees. Partners, contractors, vendors, and customers all need varying levels of access to your resources and apps too.

Flexible policies

Handle access provisioning for all your users from one place. Set flexible policies for different groups to grant and rescind access based on dates, inactivity, and more.

Integration beyond your HR source

You can even auto-provision and deprovision access to downstream third-party applications for customers, vendors, and partners through our robust integration network.


No-code customization

Want to do even deeper customizations, without code? Yup, you can do that with Okta Workflows.


Strengthen security

Manual provisioning and deprovisioning processes and patchworked scripts increase security risks. Strengthen your security with automation.

Flawless entitlement

With automation and provisioning integrations, you can seamlessly entitle the right apps to the right users and revoke access based on triggers from HR systems, IT resources like AD and LDAP, and more.

Non-repudiation for all transactions

You’ll also enhance your security posture by implementing a user lifecycle process with non-repudiation. Our identity management software logs and timestamps all lifecycle transactions.


Streamline auditing and compliance

Make audits painless (yes, really) with a centralized view of users and their account access.

Get reports that show which users can access a given app, which apps an individual user can access, and which users were recently deprovisioned. To make your life even easier, use APIs to programmatically extract data to your auditing tools—no sweat.


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