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Reduce API Security Risk by Fixing Runtime Threats in Code Faster

Source From / Akamai Official Blog

Identifying possible threats to your APIs is one challenge, but we don’t often hear about the other challenge of remediating those issues proactively. Akamai is working with Apiiro to ensure that your response to API alerts is as seamless as possible. With this technical alliance, it is possible to spend less time tracking down the right developers and requesting urgent fixes. 

Akamai API Security + Apiiro

Akamai API Security and Apiiro’s technical alliance means you get granular information about your APIs, which is critical for your security strategy — from compliance to threat hunting. It brings together Akamai API Security’s ability to continuously discover APIs and its behavioral analytics approach to security with Apiiro’s ability to send threat remediation information, at the code level, to the responsible developer. 

The benefits of integration

With the integration of Akamai API Security and Apiiro, you can achieve: 

  • Runtime risk detection and code-level visibility

  • Rapid triage for API-related issues

  • Real-time risk detection and correlation

Runtime risk detection and code-level visibility

By combining runtime risk detection with detailed code-level visibility, organizations are better equipped to shift left and identify, prioritize, and address API security threats quickly.

Rapid triage for API-related issues

Knowing the immediate threats to your APIs is the first step, but what does it take to prevent those threats from escalating? API Security works with Apiiro to identify the exact problem that triggered the alert and contact the developer responsible. This way, you complete the ecosystem of API protection — from discovery to alerts using behavioral analytics to API management and threat remediation.

Real-time risk detection and correlation

Risk is always a factor for any security strategy, but layering API Security with Apiiro’s capabilities means that you’re strategically reducing risk while saving valuable time and energy. By integrating these solutions, developers can stop guessing at solutions for API threats and alerts and instead receive actionable remediation advice in real time. 

Apiiro uses API Security’s open API to give developers the data they need

The advantages of API Security

Gain the advantages of Akamai API Security to protect your APIs from business abuse and data theft. With API Security, you can:

  • Discover APIs anywhere. Akamai discovers APIs enterprise-wide from popular technologies. 

  • Store granular historical data. API Security stores detailed data in its data lake to provide stronger protections over time.

  • Achieve unparalleled API visibility. This solution helps security and developers work closer together to protect their business. 

  • Shrink potential security gaps. You can leverage security offerings across a wide range of application security and abuse and fraud categories.

  • Deploy easily with native connector. With the click of a button, the native connector sends a copy of the API traffic data from Akamai into API Security. 

  • Find threats hiding in your APIs. Akamai offers sophisticated threat hunting capabilities. 


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