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New year, new budget: Reduce your endpoint spending with a BYOD program powered by Citrix

Source From / Citrix Official Blog

New year means time for new resolutions and new budgets. If your IT team has big plans to invest in new infrastructure and high-value projects this year, adopting a bring your own device (BYOD) policy can help your organization save money without compromising on functionality. BYOD programs aren’t the right choice for everyone, but if your business needs fall under any of the following, a BYOD program may be right for you:

  • End users with locally installed applications on native endpoints who work in a hybrid or remote environment

  • Third-party contractors or partners who need to securely access your corporate resources from their employer’s device 

  • Employees who hold extremely mobile roles and need a device that works on the go, such as a laptop or tablet

  • Thin or fat client users who work in a hybrid or remote setting for some portion of time

Citrix technology allows employees and contractors to securely access corporate resources from any device, including personal devices. The advantage of choosing Citrix for your BYOD policy is that Citrix offers an exceptional range of features, including a high-quality user experience, simple operational management, Zero Trust security, and reduced hardware costs. Plus, Citrix can save your business over 1 million dollars annually with a BYOD program when you switch 10,000 users from a managed endpoint program to a Citrix BYOD program. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Citrix can ease the implementation of BYOD policies and reduce infrastructure costs.

HDX for high-quality experiences

When employees bring their own devices, older devices may affect the quality of their experience. However, with Citrix, you can deliver crystal-clear graphics, video, and audio, along with support for a wide array of devices and peripherals. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, which now can deliver exceptional user experiences that can exceed the power of the device itself. With HDX optimized virtual apps and desktops, your employees have access to high-quality experiences on whatever devices they need. 

In addition, our industry-leading EDT Lossy protocol delivers seamless audio experiences in the most challenging conditions. So if you have employees who work from remote locations or travel frequently for work, you can deliver high-quality audio so they don’t miss a beat. 

Application rollout

Instead of individually updating applications on thousands of corporate devices, IT can update and install applications on one master image with Citrix. This makes rollout significantly easier and saves time, no matter where the application is hosted. For one manufacturer, Citrix sped up the entire application rollout process, from testing to production, by 39 days. The actual application rollout phase of that process was reduced from 40 days to 4 days with Citrix, which is a critical difference. This increased speed means saved time, increased company value, faster security updates, and faster feature rollout to increase productivity across your organization. 

Reduce hardware and operations costs

When looking at implementing a managed endpoint program, organizations have to factor in the costs of not only the devices but also infrastructure costs, software costs, licensing costs, and hardware and software operational costs. According to Citrix research, implementing a BYOD program powered by Citrix can save over $100 per user, per year! Since Citrix can deliver the same cutting-edge experiences as a corporate-managed endpoint program, there’s no reason not to switch to Citrix. 

BYOD with Citrix brings faster application rollout and lower costs

Citrix can deliver any kind of application, to any kind of device, even over low bandwidth connections. Plus, Citrix saves you money by reducing spending on corporate devices. Read more about how you can reduce endpoint costs with Citrix and a BYOD program in our white paper


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