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API Access Management

APIs are the new shadow IT. Secure them ASAP. Eliminates hours of XML-based policy design and enforcement to minutes via API or Admin Dashboard.


  • 1 Day – to onboard and integrate APIs, reduced from over a week

  • Hours – to integrate partners for API integrations, not weeks

  • Minutes – not hours of XML-based policy design and enforcement via API or Admin Dashboard


Extend authentication & authorization policies to APIs

So you secured your applications. Congrats! But you’re not done yet. You need to secure your APIs too.

Protection against API breaches

API security breaches have hit organizations across all industries. Even if your APIs are behind mobile apps or read only, don’t let a lack of API protection make you the next victim.

Modern API security

Implement API security best practices and modern identity frameworks like OAuth with ease. Create API authorization policies based on application, user context, and group membership to make sure only the right people get access.


View, manage, and secure your API access

from one central control point

Instead of spreading policies between your APIs, gateways, and applications, manage them from a single point.

Security and dev, on the same page

Unite your security and development teams around a centralized place for all your API authorization policies. Think SSO for APIs.

Simplified authorization policies

Streamlining your policy creation, maintenance, and auditing makes your security team’s lives a whole lot easier. As authorization policies change over time, they can adjust them centrally, and all downstream applications can use the modified privileges.

More time for development

Your development team will thank you, too. They can hand off 100% of user management, authorization policy, and the resulting complexity. That means more time to focus on developing great apps.


Abstract the complexity of OAuth 2.0 from day-to-day application development

Implementing OAuth can be complex, and getting it wrong can compromise your apps and API.


Simplify API security implementation for your developers with OAuth-as-a-service. Easily add API security for user-driven and machine-to-machine use cases, and get extensive documentation and guidance that will help you get started.

Compliance assistance

Okta is an OAuth provider that implements the core OAuth 2.0 specification, is a certified OpenID Connect provider, and includes over a dozen key extensions to make using OAuth easier and applicable to more use cases.


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