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Cloud security

Managing cyber risk has always been complex, and managing risk in the cloud is even more difficult because applications built into the cloud are changing and scaling 100 times faster than before. Today's cloud environments require more contextual information to provide you with better security, cloud speed and economies of scale. Only CloudGuard's cloud-native application protection platform goes beyond simple state management and workload protection common today to enable security automation throughout the entire software development cycle, from code to cloud.


Cloud Migration Security

Moving data to the cloud can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency, but the security of your IT resources cannot be taken lightly. The security of cloud migration requires proper management and smooth integration to reduce risks and increase benefits.


Cloud Compliance

Cloud infrastructure is subject to a variety of international, federal, state, and local security regulations. Organizations must comply or risk additional risks of legal challenges, penalties and fines.

Check Point provides streamlined, automated compliance and management capabilities across all public cloud environments.


Cloud Threat Hunting

Simplify incident analysis across your configurations, posture, network traffic and identity activity. Check Point automates ongoing intrusion detection, monitoring and threat intelligence as part of a unified approach.


Developer Security

Keep up with the development team as they deploy new applications to protect your security posture at the right time. Check Point provides your modern applications with security capabilities that protect the entire development cycle.


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