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SendQuick is a business-oriented real-time communication and collaboration solution. It seamlessly integrates with mainstream messaging systems and enterprise apps, providing real-time communication, SMS, email integration, notifications, and two-way collaboration. With powerful reporting and monitoring capabilities, it boosts communication effectiveness, productivity, and cybersecurity readiness for enterprises.

Okta Solutions


Enterprise Messaging Platform

Effortlessly centralize messaging with our platform, integrating popular apps for enhanced productivity. Safeguard data within your enterprise, ensuring comprehensive logs and robust message security. Simplify cybersecurity management and automate processes. Customize with our API for tailored solutions.


Adaptive MFA

A multi-factor authentication solution protects your accounts and applications, allowing the "right" identities to get in and the "wrong" identities out, protecting all resources, including applications with the most sensitive data, whether customer-facing or the enterprise side.


Omni channel Messaging

Effortlessly integrate a variety of communication applications, supporting diverse channels such as SMS, IM, voice, Sqoope (private IM), SendQuick App, and popular messaging apps. Enable push notifications for enhanced messaging with cost-effective flexibility.

IT 告警中心.png

IT Proactive Monitoring and Alert

Seamlessly compatible with mainstream systems, our solution offers easy integration, unlimited alerts, and recovery notifications. Simplify cybersecurity management and integrate NoC, SoC, and ITSM quickly.

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